Chef with experience of more than 26 years

Here at aromas we constantly experiment with our food in order to invent peculiar dishes and we bring spices from hills of the Nepal because they are just freaking amazing. Most of invention of the dishes are introduced through our events so we urge you to attend them in future. In order to make your experience more authentic we have brought Indian/Nepalese beers and wine to go with your food.

This great food comes with our friendly family service and great Nepalese decorations. When you come to us we would like to make you feel like a part of our family so please forgive us if you ever feel like we are treating you more like a friend than a customer.

It wouldn't be a great service without giving you a chance for a feedback so please don't hesitate to give us a feedback about anything, no red lines here. If it's something you can't speak to our staff about please give me an email at

Lastly we would also like to let you know that out takeaway and free home delivery is equally great with fast service without the reduction in the quality of the food.

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