Authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine

"Locals favourite Family restaurant"

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Traditional Indian curries

We bring spices from North-India and hills of Nepal to re-invent the traditional Indian curries. As a
family run restaurant, we take pride on the quality of our food and use the best ingredients. A daily
routine of our head chef includes going to the market to find the best vegetable, meat and chicken
to make sure that everything single dish comes out perfect from the kitchen. With the experience
of 26 years and working in most of the top restaurants in Delhi, our chef combines that experience
with his passion to create contemporary dishes with authenticity intact.

Nepalese momo

Nepalese dishes

We bring spices from the hills of Nepal to serve what we eat almost every day. We strongly
recommend you try our limited Nepalese dishes, not just because we are from Nepal but because
they are amazing. Momo’s and Timur lamb have been very popular amongst our regulars.

Wide range of Vegan and vegetarian choices

What if we told you that tastiest dishes we cook are Vegan. Even meat eaters are addicted to our
vegan dishes like Achari Bangan berth, Tadka Daal, Vegan Daal Makhani and many more. When we
did a Veganuary menu in January 2020, we invented more vegan dishes and they got so popular we
had to update our menu to make it available beyond January. IF you are looking for best vegan and
vegetarian dishes we are the place to go

Veg pakora

Excellent Choices of drinks

From cold refreshing Nepalese/Indian beers to soul tree wine (Indian) all the way from Nasik (The
city of Grapes), we have wide range of drinks to compliment your curries. Either you want to stick to
your regular French wine or go exotic with made for curry wines, we have got you covered. You can
order drinks for your takeaway or home delivery with your curries too.

Chef's story

Check out our chef’s story from the time he started cooking back in India. Now our chef has more than 25 years of experience in cooking.

Few words from head chef at Aromas

Annath Gaire

Hi there, thanks for checking us out. We are a little cosy family restaurant in Forest gate. Have served thousands of happy customers and become the local’s favourite. I am the father of the family and the head chef with my beautiful wife assisting me.
In detail, my story of how I became chef could turn into a book, but I don’t want to bore you here. In summary, I started cooking when I was 24 after being tired of office job from Delhi. Taught myself various skills by working in many top restaurants in Delhi. Since than I have never been out of job or out of kitchen. I have had the opportunity to visit countries like Thailand, Singapore, Bosnia, Scotland as a chef. Now I have ended up in East end Forest Gate. I have served thousands of happy customers and become pretty famous in our locality. So go on and order now.